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The order of processing the request.

1. Pozhalusta register in the store.

WARNING! Before sending an inquiry necessarily gather all the available data on the equipment and inspect your existing battery, charger and a car. It is necessary to answer any questions about her appearance, technical prametrov, the need for additional configuration and mode of operation technology. It is desirable to specify the contact details of qualified specialists to discuss issues tehnicheskieh service order processing.

When formulating a query please quote:

1. The make and model of your equipment.

2. These battery.

3. Make, model and prametrov charger.

4. Tell how urgently you need products and what your equipment fleet.

Example 1. Electroloader TOYOTA 7FB15

2. Lead-acid battery 48V 400ach (5PzS400) Maximum external dimensions gabritnye metal housing 815-740-479 (in millimeters without rounding length-width-height). For this model, the housing has a rectangular shape. A battery YUASA 2008 release. The battery purchased as an extra for two-shift operation. Jobs pomeshenii cold storage. Length change 6:00.

3. Charger - ATIB Electonica 2SPM - T 48b 80a

4. 2 units. 3 batteries.

2. Your data will go to the processing center and you will be contacted for further details. Customer inquiries are handled have been registered during the day on weekdays. Requests without real contact information may remain unanswered.

3. If you are a professional operator on the material handling equipment and are interested in this product please specify the possible amount of your purchases and tell about your desire to become a dealer.

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