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The company "X-Ray" is a project created by a community of professionals based on many years of experience of employees in the field of logistics and foreign economic activity.
The fundamental basis of the company's activity is the provision of qualified services to companies engaged in the logistics of operations in warehouses, distribution of traffic flows and foreign economic activity.
We will help you where you need:
Carry out a personnel audit of the personnel of logistics companies and provide support and development of professional skills.
To conduct logistical audit and consulting.
To carry out an operative and qualitative selection of specialists in foreign economic activity.
Develop and implement the KPI system in the company.
Provide an opportunity to work on outsourcing and outstaffing in the areas of logistics and foreign trade.
Conduct specialized trainings and seminars for the executive staff of logistics companies, department heads, logistics managers.
Customs declarants and foreign trade managers can also take our training courses in their specialization.

All this we do with:
Individual approach to the situation that the client has.
Using traditional technologies and methods of personnel and logistical audit and consulting, in creative synthesis with the author's developments of our specialists.

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Operative selection of personnel from the company X-Ray.


Training of customs declarants from the company X-RAY.


Trainings for logisticians from the firm X-Ray.

X-Ray is a limited liability company.
Services of audit, selection, outsourcing of personnel to logistics and foreign trade companies.
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