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Rules for writing articles. 

                The resource adheres to the system of preliminary verification of materials.
                Pay attention to the fact that the main theme of the site is professional, and is in the regions
                - warehouse logistics;
                - loading and transport equipment;
                - techniques to maintain the cleanliness of the premises;
                - rechargeable batteries;
                - other special areas.
                 Search robots are not our favorite readers, please write for people.
                If you want to place advertising material, please contact us with the appropriate request.
Recommendations for writing articles:
1. The recommended volume is not less than 2000-3000 characters or 3-6 paragraphs. Too large a few people will read. Break your big article into several parts and give the appropriate links.
2. Identify the main thoughts and structure the article in paragraphs.
3. Internal (within the site) links, please coordinate.
4. Do not abuse the excessive occurrence of key phrases in your text.
5. Please do not repost the article from another resource. Articles are checked with the help of Anti-Plagiarism.
6. It is recommended to make pictures and photographs original and they should carry the corresponding semantic load.
7. Now the site has two language versions - Russian and English. Please consider this.
You will be asked to refine the text if:
1. the name does not correspond to the content;
2. names, text or announcements contain words like "buy", "download", "look", etc .;
3. very long or too short articles without illustrative material;
4. The text has no division into paragraphs;
5. the text is overloaded with references;
6. Illiterate written;
7. Materials with prohibited content of the laws of the Russian Federation;
8. additional reasons, not yet indicated here, reasons.
Option-1 of July 31, 2017.

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