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Answer about battery electrolyte on STILL EGV 12.

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Answer about battery electrolyte on STILL EGV 12.

The battery 24v 180ach for STILL EGV 12. from Dmitry Text (1 KB) Dmitry (***nor*
Good afternoon.
Tell me, what type of battery - alkaline or acid?
From: Date: 07/28/2017 4:29 PM
 (GMT + 06: 00) To: Dmitry <*** nor="" mail="" ru=""> Topic: Re:
 Battery 24v 180h for STILL EGV 12.
Did not understand the question - please specify.
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I quote slknord <*** nor="" mail="" ru="">:
What is poured into it: alkali or electrolyte?
STILL technology typically uses lead-acid batteries.
If you ask: what is poured - alkali or electrolyte, then the battery with liquid electrolyte.
It turns out that this is a lead-acid battery with a liquid electrolyte.
    1. Do not fill alkali in any way.
    2. Do not fill the electrolyte too, since in the normal mode only distilled water is added to compensate for its loss.
    3. If you have overturned the battery, and the electrolyte leaked, it is recommended that you contact the battery specialists immediately, but in the meantime, add the distilled water.
               The variant with the alkaline battery on this technique, maybe when you have a lithium-ion battery. In this case, it is impossible to fill anything because of a somewhat different design of lithium-ion batteries.
              The variant with alkaline batteries such as TNG or TNK is unlikely to be used in this technique since the overall dimensions, voltage and capacitance do not correspond to the dimensions of the installation site.
    If you do not have the opportunity to contact a specialist near the forklift, please report it, we will try to solve the problem.

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